Heartfelt Gratitude

It’s such a pleasure to read the letter below from the adult child of a resident at Viera Manor.  It shows just what our staff is asked to do, simply help or residents have a better life.

“Dear Doug,

We are sending our heartfelt gratitude and thank you to you and the entire group of professional and thoughtful employees at Viera Manor!  Everyone clearly understands the important roles they have to ensure each resident has the proper attention when needed, whether providing immediate medical attention or caring personal attention.

Because [Mom] was excited about her adventure in Florida, we were so pleased she, as we hoped and expected, truly did enjoy her time at Viera Manor.  She loved the porch!  Being able to be outside was always something she enjoyed.  Singing, what can we say, everyone knows she enjoyed singing!  The staff providing activities, like all the employees we encountered were truly welcoming and helpful with the residents.  [Mom’s] outgoing nature was nurtured during her stay at Viera Manor.

We are thankful for each kind action, each medical concern and treatment, each time when the staff understood she was tired and yet knew she was happy to be in the group!

The recommendation that we bring in Hospice for her last days was absolutely the right decision.  She was peaceful and well cared for in her last days.  What a story she will share in Heavan!…

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